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It’s October and that means it’s National Physical Therapy Month. Here at VNA, we are celebrating the men and women who help our patients achieve their highest level of independence possible, whether it’s working for a steadier gait, relearning tasks, achieving better balance or building strength and endurance. Providing care for patients at home means patients are more likely to be at ease and more likely to keep up with a routine for problems as back pains or shoulder issues, also there are solutions as the Shoulder Kinesiology Tape which also help people with this. Physical therapy (PT) is about education and helping individuals understand the healing process takes time.

Passionate about teaching, PT’s work hands-on with patients, caregivers and family members to teach them a regimen which they can do at home between therapy visits. Patient goals provide the foundation for every plan of care. It may include any number of strategies including safety and fall prevention. A regimen could be stretches and exercises to improve gait or balance; learning how to use assistive devices; or, strength training to help alleviate pain. Physical therapy is about overall well-being, reminding patients that proper diet, exercise and plenty of rest make for a better recovery experience.

VNA’s patient-centered philosophy means the relationship is our highest priority. A patient’s emotional well-being is as important as physical well-being and can make the difference in recovery time. Physical therapists help patients set realistic goals. Patients can be very impatient with their progress. Recovery often means learning how to do basic daily tasks again or establishing a new normal. Physical therapists teach, listen and encourage patients to celebrate the small “wins”. Healing and recovery are part of a marathon, not a sprint. At VNA, our physical therapists are by your side, every step of the way.

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