Support Groups Provide A Bridge from Grief to Peace

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Sandra Douglas told a story not for the faint of heart. After a devastating car accident as a young mom, she lost her entire family, including her children. She was left with life-long sustained injuries. That year she also had to bury her parents. Most would say she wasn’t just a survivor, she was a pillar of strength with unbelievable resilience.

She married again later in life, and, he too, has since passed-away. The past eventually caught up to her though, the grief was overwhelming. The feelings of loss were so great, she just couldn’t manage to get through each day. Recognizing the need to do something, Sandra made an appointment with her primary care physician. Adamant about therapy, she told her doctor, “If you can put a group together to help me refocus, I would be most appreciative.” Her doctor called VNA.

VNA bereavement support groups are open to the public. Held virtually at this time, they bring individuals in the community together who are experiencing similar challenges. Support groups are hosted by VNA counselors who facilitate conversations with the group giving you the support you need.

Taking care of everyone else for years, Sandra took the steps to take care of herself, “The group was healing for my soul. It was the right support at the right time.”

Sandra will tell you everyone needs to reach out at some point in their lives. Asking for help is a good thing. Though not keen on therapy, she acknowledges that VNA support groups are a tremendous gift, a lifeline.

Click here to learn more and find a support group that’s right for you, or call VNA’s Bereavement Department at 772-567-5551, ext. 5171.

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