For the Bireley family, the only choice for home care is the Visiting Nurse Association.

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When Marti Bireley was discharged from a rehabilitation center where she had spent a few weeks recovering from a medical issue, she was given a list of home health agencies, including the Visting Nurse Association (VNA), for follow-up care. For her son and daughter-in-law, Martin and Renee Bireley, the choice was easy. “Through my professional association with nonprofits I’m familiar with the VNA and I know y’all have a fabulous reputation, so out of that long list of 25 (home health agencies) that they gave us I said, ‘I want the VNA.’ I’ve known people that have used VNA’s hospice as well and said it is incredible; the people that run that and the people that care for the individuals there are angels on earth, so I’ve always heard wonderful things about the VNA,” said Renee, who is the Development Manager for Catholic Charities’ Samaritan Center, a local nonprofit that provides transitional housing and guidance for homeless families in Indian River County.

For about two weeks, Marti received VNA’s services, the first week in the Bireley’s residence and the second at an assisted living facility that she moved to. Her VNA Home Health care included monitoring her vitals and occupational therapy. 

Renee said the care her mother-in-law received was top-notch. “My experience was very positive because the nurse that they sent was so caring and so compassionate and really listened to my mother-in-law as she tried to explain things to the nurse, and she was just really good. She was so professional, she had all of her iPad and forms and went through everything, explained everything; she was very thorough,” said Renee.

She contrasted this with her last experience with a different home health agency. “The thing that I really appreciate about the VNA is when they said they were going to be there at such and such time, they were there at such and such time; if they say they’re going to be there on this day, they’re there that day,” she said.

Fortunately, Renee’s mother-in-law hasn’t needed home health care for a while and is thriving at her new residence, but if she is ever in need of services again, Renee has the VNA on speed dial.

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