Hospice Services

At VNA, hospice is about living

With VNA Hospice, end-of-life care is geared toward providing patients with optimal quality of life. Our highly skilled and compassionate interdisciplinary hospice team delivers this care.

Hospice is provided wherever a patient calls home, whether that’s a skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility, memory care, patient’s own home or VNA Hospice House. Our focus for patients is comfort, with pain management a top priority. Frequency of care will be based on an individual patient’s plan of care established by the patient themselves, their interdisciplinary team and their family.

And families are integral to VNA Hospice. We understand that end-of-life care doesn’t just impact the patient, but their entire family. That’s why VNA offers everything from one-on-one counseling of practical matters to family members, such as insurance paperwork and accessing community resources, to bereavement counseling for adults and children.

VNA Services

elderly couple close smiling on a couch

Pain management

Our hospice staff can help manage symptoms and ease pain the patient may be experiencing. We recognize the importance of pain management as part of a quality of life. Our goal is to make our patients as comfortable as they can be so they can enjoy family, friends and living in general.

A home healthcare worker is taking the blood pressure of a senior woman in a wheelchair.

Medication and supplies

One of the many benefits of hospice care is that the VNA will provide your loved one medical equipment and supplies related to their needs, including oxygen, a walker, a shower chair, a hospital bed and a wheelchair. These, in addition to any hospice related medication required, is covered by Medicare and most insurances.

music therapy with senior woman, 89 years old

Music Therapy has the potential to help your loved one emotionally and physically utilizing music to achieve non-musical goals. It has been found to help reduce pain and shortness of breath and often can be used to express our feelings when words are difficult to find. 

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Alternative therapies

Sometimes, alternative therapies, including pet therapy, massage therapy and aromatherapy provide wonderful healing and comfort. 

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A major aspect of VNA Hospice is our multi-faceted Bereavement program, which is available to the families of patients for 13 months after their loved one has passed away. This includes Camp Chrysalis, a bereavement camp for Indian River County children ages 6-12.

Volunteers are integral to VNA Hospice. They offer a variety of services for hospice patients, including companionship and vigil services. They also provide respite care, help run errands or just visit with patients and families.


Veterans hold a special place in our heart at VNA and we are proud to be a Level 4 Partner of the We Honor Veterans Program. We recognize the unique needs of our veterans and are trained to better accompany and guide veterans and their families toward a more peaceful ending. Learn how our veteran volunteers help honor our veteran hospice patients.

Spiritual Support

VNA’s non-denominational chaplains work with patients and families who choose to include spiritual support in their hospice care plan. They counsel and provide support to work through feelings, fears and worries and help deal with end-of-life questions. Through encouragement, active listening, observation and feedback, chaplains help patients and families work through their concerns.

elderly lady holding a dog

Pet Therapy

Through our volunteer program, our furry friends shine a bright light for hospice patients and their families during one of life’s most difficult times. Their unconditional love provides joy, reduces feelings of isolation, and helps reduce anxiety and depression. Physical benefits of pet therapy include reducing physical pain, lowering blood pressure and an increase in overall comfort. Learn how our pet therapy volunteers provide care to our hospice patients.

Medical Social Work

The hospice journey can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing for both the patient and their family members. Hospice social workers are a vital part of the hospice team bridging the gap between patient and resources while providing emotional support as well. VNA Hospice social workers can:

  • Advocate for a patient’s end-of-life wishes
  • Connect patients and families to resources
  • Evaluate patient needs and make recommendations to improve quality of life
  • Educate the patient and family on what to expect while receiving hospice care


vna hospice house

VNA Hospice House

A unique blend of beauty and function, the VNA Hospice House was built to serve as a home-like haven for Indian River County residents and their families. When a patient’s care can no longer be managed at home, they have a place to receive the care they need and deserve with 12 private rooms, a private chef, relaxing space for family and friends and 24/7 nursing care

Smiling , male VNA hospice patient in wheelchair being pushed by a transport specialist.

Project Wish

Project Wish is a donor funded program that allows the VNA to make our hospice patients end-of-life wishes come true. The VNA plans and fulfills a final wish they may have, allowing the patient and their family to experience something that produces lasting memories without the worry of having the financial resources to pay for the wish. To learn more, or to donate to this enriching program, visit here.