Living Your Best Life with Parkinson’s Disease

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April is Parkinson’s Awareness month and now is the perfect time to bring to light some facts many may not realize about the disease. The Mayo Clinic tells us Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement. Patients living with Parkinson’s Disease will tell you there’s more to it and that no two days are the same.

For example, according to the Mayo Clinic, patients with Parkinson’s Disease may feel exhausted and may experience pain. As the disease progresses patients may suffer from memory loss, depression, even have difficulty swallowing or speaking.

There is hope. Living your best life with Parkinson’s Disease is still possible. It just means patients need to make flexible plans, knowing they may change. It means building in extra time to do things and to go places. It means knowing to ask for help when you need it. VNA is here for you.

Here are some ways VNA can help individuals with Parkinson’s Disease manage daily life

Home Health Care – Skilled Nursing

  • Medication management and education
  • Physical Therapy exercises for strengthening, mobility and balance
  • Instruction on safe equipment, assistive devices and fall prevention
  • Occupational Therapy to maintain personal care and get dressed
  • Speech Therapy

Private Care Home Health Aides

  • Prepare meals
  • Provide light housekeeping such as laundry or dishes
  • Provide transportation for shopping and errands
  • Assist with personal care and daily routines
  • Provide companionship
  • Transportation and assistance for doctors’ appointments

Here are some things you can do for yourself

  • Learn meditation or yoga
  • Get regular exercise
  • Stay in touch with family and friends
  • Follow a healthy diet
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Join a support group
  • Find a creative outlet or hobby

With Parkinson’s Disease, don’t miss out on life, adjust the way you live it! Call us today at 772-567-5551 or contact us to learn more about how you or your loved one can benefit from VNA’s home care services.

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