Private Care FAQs

VNA has been providing trusted home care for over 40 years. Home care is a relationship built on trust, allowing professional caregivers to enter your home to deliver care so you or your loved one can age independently and safely at home. Therefore, it is important to think of your loved one’s safety when exploring your home care options. For the VNA, delivering quality care means putting their safety first.

The VNA is a licensed and accredited organization that employs its staff. As an agency, we are responsible for the actions of our staff and implement policies to protect our clients. VNA staff undergoes Level II background screenings, driving checks and are randomly drug tested. In addition, the VNA provides its staff with ongoing education opportunities to ensure that our nurses, home health aides, clinicians and staff have the most up to date information available.
A private hire is simply that – someone who is autonomous and works for themselves without any reporting to supervisors. When it comes to hiring a private caregiver, the responsibility of doing a background check, drug test and purchasing insurance falls solely on the client.


vna vs private hire chart

Unlike Medicare-reimbursed home health care services, the patient has full control over their plan of care, including how much or little care they wish to receive. As we age, our needs change. Private care services allow for this flexibility of care, and there is no limit for how much care you can receive.

Private care offers its clients a multitude of benefits such as:

  • Peace of mind for you or your loved one
  • Ability to live safely and independently at home
  • Professional caregivers to oversee their health and wellbeing

Private care services, sometimes referred to as “private duty” or “private pay” services, are in-home, non-medical services you, as the client, are able to dictate as far as what type of care you need and how often you need it. We accept long-term care insurance, VA benefits, self-pay, health savings accounts, and more.


Some family caregivers experience resistance from their loved ones about hiring professional caregivers. There are many reasons why your loved one might express unwillingness to accept help. He or she may believe they don’t need the extra help, or perhaps they believe you will become distant from them once professional help is hired. They might also be wary of the idea of allowing professional caregivers they don’t know into their homes.

If your loved is declining outside help, try explaining to him or her that utilizing private care services is to help you. Express to them that you are the one who needs the extra support, and by allowing professional caregivers to assist with some of the day-to-day responsibilities, your loved ones will be doing you a favor. This may also allow for you to have more time to enjoy being the spouse, child or friend you are to them.