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Volunteers In Their Finest Hour 

Kim S., one of VNA’s Volunteer Coordinators and a hospice aide, has decided to wear a few different hats with the greater good driving her passion. Kim usually works at the Hidden Treasure stores where she supports our volunteers, but due to our store closures and volunteer services suspensions she volunteered to work, even weekends, at the VNA Hospice House front desk screening visitors. In addition, she’s teamed up with Amanda, our other Volunteer Coordinator to assist with a variety of administrative needs.

Amanda C. is the VNA Hospice Volunteer Coordinator and normally coordinates volunteer patient visits and hospice house volunteers.  Due to the volunteer suspension, she has had to switch job duties as well. She is now taking on administrative duties at the VNA Hospice House. In addition, she is leading the effort to stay in touch with our most vulnerable volunteers. She and Kim are calling all volunteers weekly and offering assistance to those who live alone (we have 450 volunteers and most of them are seniors). Amanda is also coordinating hospice aides to replace volunteer visits for patients in need of socialization and companionship. Together they are coordinating volunteers who are making masks for our patients from home. We have so many talented volunteers wanting to help our clinicians–and Amanda and Kim have given them the vehicle to serve a great purpose. We’ve got lots of busy bee ladies sewing masks for us at this very minute!

We are so thankful for the overflowing well of goodness during these challenging times.

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