Community Health Screenings & Education

There are two cornerstones of the Community Health Screenings and Education, the Group Positive Change Program and Health & Wellness Education Workshops.

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Positive Change Program

The Group Positive Change Program is offered in group settings in partnership with local community organizations including United Against Poverty, the Substance Awareness Center and Cleveland Clinic’s Behavioral Health Center (CCBHC). During these scheduled programs, VNA nurses lead educational discussions on health topics including nutrition and exercise to ensure a life of wellness.

Young Hispanic female volunteer nurse checks a mid adult woman's blood pressure in free medical clinic.
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Health and Wellness Education

The Health and Wellness Education workshops are dedicated to helping individuals develop and reach their health goals to improve their quality of life and long-term health outcomes. A key aspect of overall health and living a life of wellness is maintaining healthy nutrition through health education and regular health screenings. These also include blood pressure and glucose screenings at no-cost. They are offered throughout our community at local organizations and residential communities in a group setting.

For more information about these programs, or to schedule a health and wellness education session for your community, please call 772-999-8523 or contact us.