Private Care Services

Bathing and Personal Hygiene

Getting in and out of the shower and bathtub can become a perilous task as our loved ones age. VNA Private Care staff can assist with bathing to uphold good hygiene.

Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Utilize the help of VNA’s trusted caregivers with the care of your loved one. Assistance with day-to-day responsibilities or companion services will give you the respite you need to help offset the physical and emotional impact that come with being a full-time family caregiver.

Companion Services

Seniors who live alone can start to feel lonely and isolated in their own homes. Our companions can provide social interactions with good conversations, reading to clients or doing fun activities together.

Light Housekeeping

The ability to remain safe at home also means having to maintain the upkeep of your home. Our staff can provide light housekeeping to keep your loved one’s home clean, safe and in order.

Meal Preparation

A common occurrence among seniors is skipping meals, which can lead to poor health. Our staff can help keep your loved one healthy by preparing simple, hearty meals that they’ll enjoy.

Respite for Caregivers

It is not uncommon for caregivers to confess that they put the needs of their loved ones before their own needs. It’s important to remember to ask for help and seek resources to alleviate the stress.

Senior Transportation

Our professional caregivers can provide door-to-door transportation so your loved one can go to their appointments, do their errands or just enjoy getting out of the house.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy can help support a variety of goals helping our loved ones remain independent, fulfilled and engaged. Music Therapy is a unique and enjoyable way to experience preferred music while helping loved ones met and maintain their health goals.